... in Torres del Paine, Chile

Mirador Las Torres
This iconic viewpoint offers a breathtaking view of the three granite towers reflecting in the glacial lake.
It's a must-visit spot for photographers.
Lago and Mirador Grey
Capture the stunning blue hues of Lago Grey, dotted with floating icebergs from the nearby glacier.
The rugged mountain backdrop adds to the dramatic landscape.
The view from Paso John Garner on Glacier Grey,
is a breathtaking spectacle of icy majesty, where towering peaks and shimmering blue hues
merge in a mesmerizing display of natural grandeur.
Salto Grande & Salto Chico Waterfalls
This powerful waterfall provides a fantastic opportunity to capture the raw beauty of Torres del Paine.
Experiment with long exposure shots to create a dreamy effect.
Cuernos del Paine
These distinctive horn-shaped peaks are a prominent feature of the park.
Capture their reflection in the surrounding lakes for a stunning composition.
Valle del Francés
Hike to the French Valley for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and vibrant foliage.
The changing colors during autumn make it a particularly photogenic spot.
Lago Nordenskjöld
This serene lake offers a tranquil setting with picturesque views of the mountains.
Visit during sunrise or sunset to capture the soft golden light illuminating the landscape.
Lago Pehoé
With its crystal-clear turquoise waters and the backdrop of the Paine Massif, Pehoé Lake is a captivating
photo spot. Play with reflections and capture the ever-changing weather conditions.
Sodexo Campsite
Whether at dawn or dusk, is a sublime symphony of nature's hues and majestic silhouettes.
A canvas painted with golden rays and ethereal shadows, it enchants the soul and ignites a sense of awe.
Mirador Condor
The view of the green lake Pehoé, and the Cuernos in the morning (or evening) is impressive.
Mirador Cuernos
This viewpoint provides a stunning perspective of the Cuernos del Paine and the surrounding landscape.
Be sure to hike up early to catch the first light of the day.
Glacier Grey
Take a boat trip to the Glacier Grey and witness the massive ice wall up close.
Capture the intricate patterns and shades of blue to create striking images.
Mirador Ferrier
Nature's grandeur unfolds before your eyes, painting a breathtaking panorama of untamed beauty.
The rugged peaks, pristine glaciers, and turquoise waters combine to create a sight that etches itself into your soul.
Laguna Amarga
This saltwater lagoon offers a unique opportunity for capturing reflections and vibrant colors,
especially during sunrise and sunset.
Laguna Azul
For the view from the lake, on the central Torres in the background.
... in El Chalten, Argentina

Mount Fitz Roy
This iconic mountain is a must-visit for photographers. Its dramatic peaks and stunning landscapes
provide endless opportunities for breathtaking photos.
Laguna de los Tres
A hike to Laguna de los Tres offers panoramic views of Mount Fitz Roy and the surrounding glaciers.
Capture the majestic mountain reflected in the crystal-clear waters of the lake.
Laguna Sucia
In autumn, with shrubs dressed in red, and the view of the lagoon and the Fitz Roy massif, it's amazing !
Poincenot Camp
Several marshy areas and rivers around the campsite and nearby forests.
Laguna and Cerro Torre
Another beautiful lake, Laguna Torre offers stunning views of the Cerro Torre mountain and its glacier.
The combination of the mountain, glacier, and turquoise waters makes it a perfect spot for photography.
Mirador Maestri
This viewpoint offers a fantastic vantage point to capture the panoramic beauty of the Cerro Torre.
The surrounding landscapes and glaciers add to the incredible photo opportunities.
Chorrillo del Salto
Several waterfalls are located just a short walk from the Laguna Capri. The rushing water cascading
down the rocks provides a great opportunity for long exposure photography.
Rio Electrico Valley
A hidden gem, Piedra del Fraile offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.
The remote location and pristine landscapes make it a great spot for unique and captivating photos.
Laguna Marconi, Lago Eléctrico and the great view from Paso del Cuadrado.
Lago del Desierto
Located a short distance from El Chalten, this lake offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains
and forests. The tranquil waters and reflections make it an ideal location for landscape photography.
Lago Viedma
This large glacial lake provides stunning views of the Viedma Glacier. The contrasting colors of the glacier
against the deep blue water create a visually striking scene.
Paso del Viento
As you cross the Paso del Viento ("Windy Pass"), you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. This vast expanse of ice and snow provides a dramatic backdrop for your photographs.

And make the (small) detour through the viewpoint Mirador del Condor for the vision of the glacier
that flows into Lake Viedma, and the icebergs that disperse.
Glacier Viedma
The trek takes you close to the massive Glacier Viedma. Capture the awe-inspiring blue ice formations
 and the sheer size of the glacier. This spot offers a unique opportunity to document the effects
of climate change on the region's glaciers.
Laguna Toro
This remote and pristine lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and offers a peaceful setting
for photography. Capture the tranquility of the lake, the reflection of the mountains,
and the occasional icebergs floating in the water.
Rio Túnel Lookout
Along the trail, you'll come across the Rio Túnel, a stunning turquoise river winding its way through the valley.
The lookout point provides an excellent spot to capture the river's vibrant color
and the surrounding mountain scenery.
Laguna Capri
A relatively easy hike from El Chalten leads to Laguna Capri, where you can capture panoramic views
of the valley and Mount Fitz Roy. The tranquil lake and surrounding forests make it a peaceful
and photogenic spot.
Rio de las Vueltas
This picturesque river winds its way through the stunning landscapes of El Chalten.
Capture the reflections of the mountains and forests in the calm waters for beautiful nature photography.
Mirador El Paredón
To photograph the entire Fitz Roy massif at the first light of day (... or sunset).
Mirador de Piedras Blancas
In front of Glacier Piedras Blancas, with the Laguna and the Fitz Roy.
Loma del Pliegue Tumbado
For the view on the Laguna Torre, Cerro Tore and Fitz Roy (... and sometimes on Condors !)
Loma de las Pizarras
... the most beautiful view of El Chalten Area (... for me !)

Remember to check weather conditions and plan your visits accordingly to capture
the best lighting and scenery in these photo spots.
Remember to respect the natural environment and follow park guidelines
while capturing these incredible moments. Happy photographing!